SHUTEYE Shuteye, primarily a clean alternative band, who has a hint of reggae funk and pop. These musical pros put style, meaning, and groove into the world of music. The band currently has a CD titled, "Stained,"containing five of there greatest songs. The CD was released independantly under Aluminum Entertainment Records, and has been a huge success thus far. Shuteye originated in Aug 99 as a group of friends who all shared the same love for Music, People, and God. Jeremy, Amp, and Clay were the core members of the group. Brandon and Dave were the final additions to the five member band. Dave was a friend and fill in drummer for the group at the time untill everyone realized how great he was as a musician. He soon became the New Drummer for Shuteye. Brandon came on board to complete the five member band in March of 99. He was invited to a rehearsal and he had some great material and ideas," said Jeremy. "We knew he was going to be the fifth member. We just had to con him into it." Over the last year, Shuteye has played events that took them to Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Antonio, Texas, and many other well known areas. They have also played several benefit concerts including an anti-drug /violence campaign hosted by Northwestern State University. "We are here to support and positively infulence the youth in todays' society says the Shuteye members." We understand what many teens and young adults are going through. Shuteye just wants to encourage them to make the right decisions.
Band Members
Not Available Currently None - Vocals
Currently searching for new Singer
Michael Michael - Guitar
AKA Recluse. No Info available 
Clay Clay - Guitar
AKA COTTON. One of the coolest bald headed guys a person could ever meet. Clay is the guitarist of the band described as, an "incredibly talented musician, who is totally unaware of the world around him" by his fellow members. He graduated valedictorian of the Atlanta Institution of Music and has played in bands featuring such artist as Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20. With his musical expertise and great creativity, Clay brings a smooth sound and to Shuteye. His contributions as a guitarist builds a solid foundation for The Band.
Not Available Currently None - Bass
Currently Searching for new Bassist
Dave Dave - Drums
AKA PO. He is the master of percussion and full of coordination. He lives the Vita Loca and drives a Phat Maxima! You can't miss him if he is driving down the strip during the DAY! The Coolest of Cool he's Antartica. Dave is the comic relief of Shuteye. He plays the drums for the band and during the day, he is a sound technician for major acts that come through the state of Louisiana for TMF sound company. "Musically, Dave drives the band," says Brandon. "His musical ability is the backbone of the group. When it comes to groove and style Dave brings it in.

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Shuteye would like to recognize some of our friends and associates by saying thanks:

Marty Carroll - Manager   |   Doug Coleman - Stage Manager   |   Tara Coleman - Accountant   |   Sam Harris - Artist Preference   |   JAK Agency - Public Relations   |   Karen Moreau - Public Relations   |   Jacob Power - Press   |   Amy McKinney - Merchandise   |   Stephanie Sanford - Merchandise   |   TMF - Sound and Lighting   |   James Brocato - Sound Engineer   |   Brian Cole - Lights   |   Donnie Copeland - Video Coordinator  |   David Hanson - Video   |   Marcus Lyons - Crew   |   Melan Roberson - Crew   |   Steven Myers - Crew   |   Trey Templeton - Crew   |   Brian Fletcher - Security

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