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Stained$7.oo Stained: Five of Shuteye's greatest songs. The Cd was released independantly under Aluminum Entertainment, August 99. The CD contains: 1. Megaphone | 2. Aluminum | 3.California | 4. Ceiling | 5. Edge of the World. These musical pros put style, meaning, and groove into the world of music. If you love music, this CD will be a great addition to your disc collection.
Backstage Pass$5.oo Backstage Pass These passes have a really great design and can be a cool souvineer to put with your other concert pass collection. The pass dimensions are 2.5" x 3.5"
T-Shirts$12.oo T-Shirts There are a few different styles and colors available. Please email us for the most up to date current Shirts in stock.
Glossy Photos$5.oo Glossy Photos The dimensions for the photos are 8" x 11" The image file will be updated soon.
SHUTEYE HATS$15.oo Sport Hats Will be added to the inventory soon.

Shuteye is brought to you by Aluminum Entertainment
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